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Hip Hop Beats

What to Consider when Buying Rap Instrumentals

As an artist who is interested in buying rap instrumentals online, there are certain things that you need to know and do. Thousands of artists have already bought these beats online but they don't have any contractual agreement so they are legally unprotected with their purchase. Some producers steal instrumental beats from other producers and sell them to other artists. Some of them even receive payment from the artist but they don't the file to the buyer. To purchase rap instrumentals in the smartest and safest way, here are some things that you need to consider.


Take time to contact the producers and inquire about the contract or digital agreement for their beats. Talk to them over the phone to know how professional they are and see if they know how to answer your questions. Request a copy of the contract to make sure it includes the allowable amount for the distribution and the length of the lease (for non-exclusive contract) or the full ownership rights (for exclusive contract). Ask as many questions as possible regarding their contracts for rap instrumentals so you will be aware if they really know the information.


Be careful with the website that you are dealing with. It may have lots of producers with exceptional rap instrumentals but they will only service to provide these producers an online page but not an online store. They can provide payments details online but these do not make them responsible businessperson. Look for a producer that has a professional site design, high quality rap beats, clear information on contract and terms of agreement, contact information such as phone number or email address, and a personal picture. If you are in doubt, avoid the site and look for another one. This is to avoid people from stealing other producer's beats and selling them again.


Take time to visit forums or message boards. This way, you can ask other artists regarding their experiences when buying instrumental beats online. You can also opt for free rap beats and hip hop instrumentals for trials. Consider your genre when choosing these sites so you can create your account and start looking for other artists who have purchased their beats online. Ask them about their trusted sites and their recommendations. You will see that you can learn a lot about the services and offers of other producers.


Given these pointers and considerations, you are most likely to make things clear when you are buying rap instrumentals online. Keep these in mind and you will work your way to better and safer purchases while you can make a name on your own.